Parent Teacher meetings will be held on Wednesday, 28th June 2017 from 2.30pm – 7.00 pm.

Meetings will be of 10 minutes duration.


For the meetings, we are using an internet-based booking system called Parent Teacher On-Line (PTO). It will save time for parents, staff and students!


Using this system you will be able to book the meeting times that suit you best from any internet-connected device. A computer will be available at the office during school hours if you do not have internet access at home or elsewhere. You will be able to access the site from 6.00pm Wednesday 21st June 2017 .


Please access the system as follows:

Click the PTO icon as shown here …

  • Enter your surname and PIN, provided on the attached slip which will be sent home with the youngest member of the family on Wednesday 14th June 2017.