"Adults use the Internet, but children ‘live’ it,"

John Bertrand, Chairman of The Alannah and Madeline Foundation

Young people see digital technology - including the Internet, social networking services and mobile phones - as a normal part of their social life and connecting with their friends, as well as sourcing information and for education purposes.


According to a report from the Australian Communications and Media Authority (ACMA), the use of social networking services increases dramatically between the ages of eight to 17 (from 37 per cent of eight to nine-year-olds to 97 per cent of 16 to 17-year-olds).


eSmart supports the development of children and young people to embrace the benefits of technology and reduce their exposure to cyber-risks.


Designed specifically for Australian schools, eSmart is a world-leading system to help schools manage cybersafety, and deal with cyberbullying and bullying.


Being eSmart means knowing how to guard against security and privacy risks online, download content in a legal and ethical way, research and reference information, as well as manage reputation and relationships in cyberspace.