RoboCup Junior School Team

RoboCup Junior Melbourne Regional Finals – WINNERS!

See our winning routine here

Caitlyn S, Caitlyn M and Tom W all from year 5 have been preparing robots for the RoboCup Junior Dance competitions.  It was a full day starting at 9:30 am and concluding with the announcement of the winners around 3:30pm.

Our team had been working on their robots, designing, building and programming them at lunchtimes with Mrs. Bearup. It was a lot of hard work discovering how to engineer multiple things to move from one rotating axel. It was even harder still programming the commands to control how all these motors and gears worked, as well as power them, to get exact timings to fit our chosen music theme. Some features are controlled by sensors and uses this information to turn off or on certain movements. Our Music and theme is ‘Brand New Key’.

Tom’s robot YoYo boy head goes bobs, waves its hand and a plays with a YoYo that also goes up and down as it moves choreographed to fit with the music.

Roller Girl, Caitlyn S’s robot uses sensors to follow a curvy line and another sensor that looks for a blue colour along that line to turn off and on her snappy hands. She also has legs that walk and a head that bobs to the music.

Caitlyn M is responsible for the dog.It reacts to an infra-red ball and wags its tail each time the ball is moved passed the infra-red sensor. The house is also controlled by the robot dog.

The house is an animatronic device that has a windmill behind it that turns displaying pictures to match the words of the song at the exact moment they occur in the song. It has wobbling eyes and a twirling moustache that is all linked to the motions of the windmill.

The children were scored on two performances and an in depth interview about their programming and engineering knowledge. They scored well enough to make it to final play offs. It was a nervous wait for the announcement at the end where they pronounced us the winners!

Thanks to the parents for their support of this event. Next stop for our RoboCup team and their robots is the State Final at Melbourne University on 15 August. The students still have some tweaking to do to improve the robots and their programming, as they are not perfect yet!