@ Indicates an activity suitable for P-1 early mathematicians




Maths is fun
Guiness Book of Records
  Vave fun with numbers achieved by all kinds of people


Mrsbstamp Numercy
Numeracy activities from the BBC arranged in age groups 
Numeracy by topic
Mrsbstamp Math playground
Somewhere everyone want to do math! Choose the topic from multiplication to fractions and more
Mrsbstamp Fractatron

Fun little games made by students from Ambleside PS UK
Mrsbstamp Skills wise numbers
Heaps of maths games to test and extend your skills from the BBC


Maths games

38 challenging games from tables to division and more

Tables practice


Times tables games for older kids


Times tables games for younger kids


Test your 3 - 8 x tables


Games that require you to use your tables to complete the tasks and levels


Shoot em up space invaders. You need to know your tables 


How fast are you at tables? Play this game and see.


Blast away factors



Maths games and activities for younger students

Number sense math games  for teaching number sense, addition, subtraction, patterns, and shapes

Foundation Maths  Not just for Preps suitable to year 2 and for intervention. A list of all of the maths skills students learn in foundation! These skills are organised into categories.


Get the basics right through these games Students begin studying basic addition and subtraction. They learn the names of complex shapes, the basics of how to tell time, and how to count to higher numbers. They also study ones and tens place values and how to compare two numbers to each other.

@Count us in 

Games designed to teach basic number facts from the ABC. Suitable for Early Years

@Basic concepts in maths


@PBS math games for little kids.


@ ABCYA math games


An assortment of games that teach maths through math concepts designed fro younger students.


Games for P-1 - Scroll down for problem solving and logic games.


Maths of all kinds that are fun to do and you can learn at the same time while you play games


Crack the code. Find the pattern to solve the puzzle 


Top Marks maths
interactive maths foryour level. Choose your category and learn!


Word Problems


Rainforest Maths
Lots of maths learning at your own grade level


Primary Math games 

Oodles of maths games to enhance maths learning


Figure this
Can you take the challenge?

- For the full list of activities by concept see here


Games Using Table Knowlegde

A fun way to practice your times tables

numbersSuper maths World For 11+ students
A new world where maths is supreme fun! Only some ganes are free now.


Basic Fractions
Interactive practice and challenging games about fractions
Play maths games and create your own flash cards to improve your maths... the fun way